Red Valley – Chapter XVII

So when I converted the blog into a website, I thought I’d lost the ability to post. But really I’m just dumb. Anyways, here’s the next riveting chapter. Cheers.



Colby County Jail was but a room of cells. Only three, in fact. The little stucco adobe had seen little action and Officer Bass, the young, lanky cell guard, was happy to have see some action, even if it only was the aftermath. Billy sat with his back against the wall staring at the bars as Marshal Long signed papers on the desk.

“Just sign there, Marshal, and we can take it from here.”

Marshal Long hesitated before signing. He smiled that bastard smile of his and raised his finger to the guard. He walked over to Billy’s cell and waited to be acknowledged. When the acknowledgment never came, Marshal Long grew annoyed.


“I said, boy.”

Billy raised his head and glared at Long.

“Now I’m gonna remind you that I did not kill you back there. I could have, and believe me, I wanted to. I kept you alive. I hoped…in your… gratitude…that you would tell me everything you know about West Steel. What he’s up to. Where’s he’s goin’. Why he’s back. But you have remained silent. Now as soon as I sign this release, you’re in the county’s hands. And they don’t take too kindly to niggers.”

Billy looked over and could see Officer Bass watching and smiling.

“You’ll be hanged. Without so much as a second thought from that son of a bitch you’re keepin’ mum to protect.”

Billy took a deep breath and returned his attention to the cell.


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