Division Street Documents Street Life — Photographer Robert Gumpert captures the soul of San Francisco on 13th Street. Published June, 2022 in The Potrero View.

Visionary Beginnings — Cinematic Arts & Technology continues to innovate after 25 years.

“War & The Weather” — Professor Enid Ryce combines history, science & art in new film.

A Trail For Everyone — Two CSUMB professors have a plan to make the peninsula more accessible.

Growing Our Own — New pathway program addresses South Monterey County teacher shortage.


#matched — After discovering his wife is having an affair, Hank launches himself into a dynamic relationship with the other man’s spouse as he struggles to balance romantic excitement and revenge with true love and fatherhood. *#matched was a second-rounder at the 2022 Austin Film Festival, finalist at the 2022 Creative World Awards, honorable mention at Finish Line Script Competition and current quarter-finalist at Final Draft Big Break.

Fields of Lavender — The daughter of a deceased outlaw ventures out to track down a score her father left behind, and along the way must learn to forgive not only him, but herself as well. *Fields of Lavender was a semi-finalist at the 2020 Southeastern International Film Festival. 

LP — Before he can salvage the relationship with his girlfriend, Cody, a millennial vinyl enthusiast and aspiring musician, must first deal with his own insecurities and repair his relationship with his father. *LP was a finalist at the 2017 Cinequest Film Festival and the 2017 Nashville Film Festival, and a second-rounder at the 2017 Austin Film Festival.

Speak Easy — Prohibition detectives Westlake and Sheffield are on the hunt for the supplier of a new and deadly hooch making the rounds in San Francisco, but will a scheming journalist and a nightclub singer with less-than-noble intentions derail the case and possibly… their friendship? *Speak Easy took first place at the 2016 ReelHeART Film Festival in Toronto.

Red Valley — When his wife is murdered and his daughter is kidnapped, a former outlaw must return to the life he gave up, form unlikely alliances, and confront the sins of his past. *Red Valley was a finalist at the Carmel International Film Festival, the Cinequest Film Festival, a semi-finalist at the Napa Valley Film Festival, and quarter-finalist at the 2022 Emerging Screenwriters Action & Adventure Screenwriting Competition.

Rubber Soul — A little tire escapes certain doom and journeys home. *Rubber Soul was a finalist at the Cinequest Film Festival and runner-up at the Nashville Film Festival.

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