Sick Sounds

So I’ve been sick the past week and a half – cough, sore throat, runny disgusting fucking nose, my ears get hot and itch like crazy – I feel like Michael Jackson in that South Park episode where he literally starts falling apart. I wish I could blame my not writing on the sickness but… We all know that’s not true.

But it hasn’t been all bad.

My buddy Ricky’s bachelor party was a roaring success – even if I did have to leave early on account of me being a pussy who couldn’t power through the sickness. Hopefully I didn’t infect any of those gents. But I got to see my first Warriors game in a good 15 years, got down with some sweet, sweet McCallan 12, and cranked some fine tunes.

Speaking of cranking tunes – I recently acquired Blink-182: The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) on vinyl. Say what you will about the band and their infantile humor, that record shaped me for better or worse, and getting to listen to it again with the pops of a record made it all the more great. Sure, it’s not a record that necessarily benefits from the record breaks (it’s a live album, so the breaks feel wholly unnatural), but the 180 gram pressing makes that live show feel that much more… well, live. And that counts for something.

What else have I been wasting my coin on?

Oh, right – Batman: Return to Arkham. I wouldn’t need this buy if my PS3s didn’t stop working, but they did, and I need my goddamn Batman fill, you know what I mean? The graphics are better on the PS4, although not terribly so. I’m just happy to be able to play Arkham City again (it’s in my top 5), even if I am forcing myself to wade through Asylum first. I haven’t encountered any of the problems that most reviews have been pointing out, but really I could care less. I just want to be able to play these two games again – the best in the series – and for that, I’m satisfied.

What else?

Did another pass of LP where I added two more characters dreamt up by my buds Chris, Aaron, and Ricky. I’ve gotten good feedback from Chris and will need to do another pass soon.

I’m trying not to write any more features as we work to make LP into an actual film because I know my obsessiveness and concentration will shift over to whichever project I start next. So instead, I’m trying my hand at the short comic format. My main visual collaborator for the last 13 years, Danny Rodriguez, and I are cooking up episodic adventures about a demon-fighting excommunicated priest in the vein of B-movie cheap thrills and Indiana Jones. It’s fun and I’ll post more about it when we’ve got something in the can. So to speak.

I guess that’s it for now. Gotta update this thing more.

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