7.27.16 – Summer, Records, Podcasts

Summer is screeching to a halt.

I go in for four hours tomorrow afternoon, have my very last Friday, and then come Monday, it’s back to the old granite grindstone. It’ll be good. I love hanging at home and spending my days with my lazy little dog, but I’m looking forward to feeling a lot less like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom.

It’s been a fairly auditory day today. While in the car this morning I got down to some Beatles, a little “Middle” by Jimmy Eat World (haven’t heard that song in a good decade), and finally some classic tracks off of Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model (“No Action” and “Radio, Radio” being my two personal favorites).

Followed that up with a lovely stroll through Recycled Records, my preferable vinyl provider on Lighthouse Ave. Found a lot of good stuff – Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A Changin’, “Purple Rain” (single and LP), Elvis Costello & The Attractions’ Goodbye Cruel World, and soundtracks to The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Really I was looking for the Ronettes first album, and more specifically, Be my Baby 45, but after chatting with the owner I learned that those are rare records to come by (now the hunt begins!). Alas, I settled on a Green Day 45 with early recordings of “2,000 Light Years Away” (sweet), “Basket Case” and “She”. Solid purchase, although I do feel embarrassed buying a Green Day record in 2016 without a hint of irony. Whatever.

After that, my hetero lifemate, Shaun Day, and I joined forces as thesexeffects and recorded another palpable podcast dealing with the important topic of Game of Thrones. We each counted down our top five favorite moments of the show, which, if you’ve seen the show, you can imagine a pretty difficult prospect. I wasn’t very happy with my picks as I feel it’s probably the weakest list I’ve put together yet. But hey, that’s a good thing, right? We have a show as good as Game of Thrones that our problem is narrowing down our five favorite moments. I could do a top 10 of season 6 alone. But we got through it. And the world’s a better place for it.

You can check out the podcast on iTunes or go to www.thesexeffects.com. Name of the show? Top Five5, presented by… thesexeffects.

So check it out, give us a follow, and enjoy.

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