7.21.16 – Purpose

I’m not one of those witers who writes every day. I’d like to be. Hence, this blog.

Mostly, I write screenplays. No particular genre or type, just whatever happens to catch my fancy. I’ve written westerns, film noirs, romantic comedies, coming of age tales, and even a horror piece. I’ve had both features and shorts place in the finals of the Carmel Art & Film Festival, the Cinequest Film Festival, and the Nashville Film Festival. Most recently, my film noir prohibition buddy-cop screwball comedy feature script (got all that?), Speak Easy, took first place at the Reel HeART International Film Festival in Toronto, something I’m extremely proud of.

I’m also a fan of comic books, and have tried my hand at writing original content, although I can’t draw worth a damn.

Growing up, I played in a punk rock band and wrote countless songs about teen angst. At 27, those types of songs are a bit harder to come by, but do I continue to play with my bud Shaun Day as thesexeffects whenever we get the chance.

While I love trying to produce prose, critiques, stand-up comedy, and even some poetry (Bukowski is a god as far as I’m concerned), screenplays are what I believe I was put on this earth to write.

But as I said, I’m not one of those writers that can write every day. I hope to change that with this blog. I’m going to do my best to write about anything and everything. My day, my thoughts, my feelings, my dog – whatever. Remember Xanga? Yeah, it’ll be a little like that.

Anyways, I hope you stick around and enjoy the random musings of a grumpy dago bastard.


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